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English 1010 Intro to Writing

English 1010 Intro to Writing

Reflective Writing Issue Exploration

            As English 1010 comes to a close, I stop and reflect on what I have learned. I will be honest, English has not been my favorite class throughout school and I wasn’t excited that I had to take it as part of my Diesel Systems Technology program in college. However, there are some things in life that we just have to do. Just because it wasn’t my favorite subject didn’t mean I wasn’t going to give it my all.

            It hasn’t been easy. I didn’t really think it would be easy, but I also didn’t think it would be so hard. My ADHD has kicked in on occasion as I struggled to figure out how exactly to do some of the assignments. It has been helpful to have the sample assignments to learn from and compare to.  It definitely feels good to push through and do the best I can. Some assignments were harder than others especially this last one.  There were times when it was hard to sit down and work on an assignment. But I’m proud to say I’ve endured to the end and that I never gave up. I think that’s something I picked up while in the military. “Don’t give up the ship.” Not everything in life is easy. Some things we may not want to do, but we need to do them to make us better and/or stronger.

I feel that through this course I have learned how to organize and present ideas and information orally and in writing according to standard usage. I also feel that I am more competent at gathering and analyzing information and can communicate effectively using technology, library resources and other media. This class has definitely taught me a new and deeper way to think, write and reflect.


            I’ve never been a big reader (no pun intended), but through this course I’ve had to read, research, write and reflect. I don’t know how often I’ll use what I’ve learned in my field of work, but I know it will at least come in handy for a few more classes I have to take. If I do end up needing to use any of this in life or at work, I will be grateful to have gained the knowledge to apply.


Through this assignment and all the research I have learned more about surrogacy which is something that my wife is very passionate about. I learned about the lack of regulation with surrogacy law in some parts of the world and the need for stronger regulation here in the United States. 

Annotated Bibliography

Synthesis of Sources

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